Asian Law Students' Association Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran

Board of Directors in ALSA LC Unpad besides the Director himself, consist of Vice Director of Internal, Vice Director of External, Vice Director of Human Resources Development, Secretaries and Treasurers. Every position upholds important responsibilities in ALSA Local Chapter Unpad to optimize the capability and the existence of the association also to maintain a good relationship upon the members. Furthermore, it conduct several obligations such as overseeing the association’s program, decision making in board meeting as well as by making sure the association have the ability to provide the members to develop their full potential as law students.
External Division
The External Division is obligated to maintain good relation and coordination between ALSA LC Unpad and parties outside Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Law, which includes Universitas Padjadjaran alumnis, other Local Chapters, the National Board, organizations, institutions and the community.
Internal Division
In Internal Division, first and foremost we are here to synergize ALSA LC Unpad with other FH Unpad student bodies to reach operational effectiveness. Our duty is also to keep ALSA LC Unpad’s programme administerial matters on track. On top of that, we, as Internal Division, has our own duty to build the bond between each ALSA members.
Human Resources Development (HRD) Division
The Human Resources Development Division focuses on supporting the members of ALSA LC Unpad specifically and undergraduate law students generally to reach their full potentials as law students by providing adequate means of ALSA regenerations which subsequently deliver qualified human resources in every batch, various academic events from discussions to workshops in order to promote academic and legal-skills development, also many english speaking and writing programs as a form of preparation in fulfilling the current standard of profesional world. It is in this Division’s objective to actualize ALSA as one of the main sources of high-quality law students who graduate with exceptional soft & hard skills, hence becoming remarkable manpowers of the future.
Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) Division
ICT is the one that has the responsibility for the management information and communication of ALSA LC Unpad. We will always provide an efficient information, encourage knowledge management by using the technology and information resources. We are the key to keep the organizations to connect.
Funding Division
Funding Division is the breadwinner to the family of ALSA LC UNPAD. We work hard on seeking fund to run the board. There are two approaches in order to obtain funds. first, we establish official merchandise of ALSA LC UNPAD to be sold internally and externally. And furthermore, we prepare and approach government or private institution to gain sponsors.